Wonderful Land Sign

http://laboutiquedugateau.ca/product/spiderman-batman-cake/ Wonderful Land Sign


Our customer needed some metal signs to direct people through a rural neighborhood to their lake house, aka Wonderful Land!  As you can see their idea started as a separate logo and a rough hand drawn sketch. Working with our customer we massaged these ideas to create an image that was aesthetically pleasing and capable of being cut into sheet metal. When the artwork was finalized we then cut the signs from 11GA, 0.125″ thick, cold-rolled steel using a 4000W Mitsubish Fiber Optic Laster Cutter and welded steel tubing to the back for a mounting post.  We left all the metal unfinished so that it will rust over time and get the rustic look our customer dreamed of!  When heading out to the lake there is no doubt now as to where you can find Wonderful Land!

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